Model series heat pumps MYGREN is compact and variable solution designed for buildings with energy needs from 5kW to 22kW.


Mygren – a product created in the heart
Slovak mountains…

  • Scroll compressors Copeland
  • Heat specially manufactured for Mygren
  • Electronic valve
  • Triple cushioning vibration
  • Control system MYGREN
  • Use of circulators
  • Protection of voltage and phase failure
  • Full color TFT 4,3“display in Slovak
  • Control
  • Digital sensors
  • Regulation
  • Compressor cooling
  • Connect hoses
  • Operation
  • Ability to control devices
  • Compact design
  • Extremely quiet operation

Pumps Mygren

Optimized control adjusts system parameters so as to maintain comfort of user without his intervention. Individual processes follow necessary parameters and start process of heating and cooling so that most efficient in view of current season.

Free operation

Systems ground-water are to user completely free operation. For systems water-water is only concern to maintain a clean filter from source.


User interface is graphical with a minimum of text, providing a clear and pleasant way to set parameters.

Energy saving

Depending on involvement of heat pumps Mygren can work all year round COP 5,5

Far monitoring

Devices connected to Internet are regularly monitored by professional technicians who maintain system in good condition and in case of availability of new features, system updates.

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